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April 21, 2009
tiarra's photo

Tierra, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2002

Twelve-year-old Tierra was shot in the hand and the side of the face with an AK-47 assault rifle during a home invasion that left her sixteen-year-old uncle and eleven-year-old sister dead.

The stories of gun violence in the Wounded in America project teach us about the lives of survivors before, during, and after a gun was fired at a human target.

Where do wiA stories come from?

Survivors of gun violence across the United States contributed their first-hand experiences during tape recorded interviews. The stories are told in each survivor's own words. Wounded in America offers its profound thanks and appreciation to each survivor who has contributed his or her story; without the help and support of each survivor this project would not be possible.

About the portraits

Portraits of wiA participants were taken at the scene of the shooting incident whenever possible.

About the audio

Each story on the wiA website has a brief audio segment of the gun violence survivor speaking; to hear it click the play tab on the audio bar at the top of each story.

The Wounded in America Website and Exhibit

We invite the American public to become familiar with the effects of gun violence by reading the first-hand accounts of survivors. The stories and portraits of survivors are also presented as a traveling exhibit. Click on Community-Exhibits above for a current listing.

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Wounded in America's Mission

Wounded in America documents the histories and portraits of gun violence survivors so viewers and readers can learn about this tragedy and realize: this is wrong. These true stories are a humanitarian call to end gun violence.